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October 27th, 2012

Typecast ( is a new website from Front designed to make web typography and design easier.

Typecast Projects

Supporting fonts from typekit,, Font Desk, and Google web fonts, Typecast provides a simple and flexible formatting solution for blocks of text on a web page. Currently in beta, as of 22 October, the site is open for everyone and free to use. (They will start charging for font use when the site leaves beta.)

Creating blocks of text is as simple as a few clicks; setting a consistent font size, line height, and color is a few more clicks. Soon, you’ll have a page with an even look-and-feel, letting you spend more of your time focusing on the content.


Four intro videos walk you through the basics of using the site. Pricing and release date have not been announced. Looks very promising.

Update (10/30): Monotype acquires Typecast. See the announcement or the blog post announcing the purchase.

The Making of Vesper | i love typography, the typography and fonts blog

February 8th, 2010
Vesper's two phases (from

Vesper's two phases (from

How are fonts designed? What are the steps and decisions a font designer must make to create a really vibrant and successful font? As someone who recently started enjoying fonts, I’ve never really considered these questions, until now. On the i love typography website (one of my favorite blogs and websites), Rob Keller, of Mota Italic, describes The Making of Vesper, broken down into two phases of his design process as he created a new font, Vesper: The first phase, comprising the Regular, Devanagari, Heavy, and Italic, was completed during his stint at the Masters in Arts, Typographic Design, at the University of Reading. After completing the MA, Rob completed the font’s remaining weights and revised the existing weights.

He provided some interesting details about the process and how he made some design decisions throughout, all of which have a real bearing on the final result.

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