Favorite iPhone apps

A friend of mine recently bought a new iPhone and asked me what apps I use, so I thought I’d throw together a list of the apps I like and a few I have used but don’t like… Some are utilities, some games, some reference, some just plain silly, but all enjoyable.

  1. Evernote — Utility. Amazingly useful tool that even lets you search for text in images! Free.
  2. Jott — Utility. Have your voice recordings transcribed and more. Free.
  3. Twitterrific — Utility. Tweet with this excellent client. Free.
  4. WordPress — Utility. iPhone client app to read, update, and manage WordPress blogs. Very slick and well designed. Free.
  5. History (Light) — Reference. Find out what happened on this day in history. Free.
  6. Night Stand — Utility. Turn your iPhone into a digital clock. Free.
  7. CarStat — Utility. Keep track of car performance (miles driven, gas purchased, average mpg). $0.99.
  8. Lightsaber — Entertainment. Turn your iPhone into a lightsaber, complete with sound effects that change as you swing your phone around. But make sure to hold on tightly… Free.
  9. Cooliris — Utility. Search headlines using pictures instead of text. iPhone client version of the PC/Firefox app. Free.
  10. Dual Level — Utility. Horizontal and vertical levels. Very useful. $0.99.
  11. Scribble — Entertainment. Paint app. Free.
  12. Pandora — Entertainment. iPhone client for popular Pandora service. Slick and useful. Free.
  13. Ambiance — Utility. Make white-noise from your iPhone. Tons of different kinds of sounds can be generated, and all sound wonderful. $0.99.
  14. Spore (LE) — Game. iPhone version of the PC/console game. Free.
  15. BubbleWrap — Game. Pop as many bubbles as you can. Fun and annoying, too! Free.
  16. CoinToss — Entertainment. Settle a dispute with a shake of the iPhone. (Still waiting to try one of the 18 rock-paper-scissors apps!) Free.
  17. Magic8Ball — Entertainment. Shakeable magic 8 ball. Free.
  18. Mandelbrot — Entertainment. Fun iPhone mandelbrot generator. Free.
  19. Not Talking — Entertainment. Smiley faces that say silly things when pressed. $0.99.
  20. Shakespeare — Full text of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry. Free.
  21. Wooo Button — Pointless. Button that just makes a silly sound when pressed. Useless but entertaining. Free.
  22. Toodledo — Utility. To-do-list manager connected with www.toodledo.com. Free.
  23. Asphalt4 — Game. Fun, but don’t think the game will look or sound as good as the opening video! $5.99.
  24. Constitution — Reference. Full content of the Constitution, including all amendments (do you know which amendment is the most recent and when it was ratified?). Free.
  25. USA Manual — Reference. Major important documents throughout the USA’s history, including Declaration of Idependence, Articles of Confederation, Constitution, Federalist Papers, Gettysburg Address, Patriot Act (2001), list of Presidents, states, and specs (with picture and diagram) of the USA flag. Free.
  26. Moonlight Mahjong — Game. Excellent mahjong game with 3-D views, amazing colors and backgrounds. Free.
  27. Morocco [http://bayougames.com/morocco/] — Game. Reversi clone. Free.
  28. Black and White [http://weiphone.com/] — Game. Another Reversi clone. Free.
  29. Presidents — Reference. Bios on all US Presidents, through President-elect Obama. Free.
  30. Shazam — Utility. Identify songs on the radio by capturing a limited a1mount of the song, querying a remote db, and getting the artist and album in. Free.
  31. Urbanspoon — Restaurant finder. Locate restaurants in your area. Places are listed by geography and cost. Free.
  32. VLC Remote — Remote control app. Control your PC’s VLC app remotely. Like the Remote app, but controls VLC instead of iTunes. Free.
  33. Dropbox [http://www.getdropbox.com/] — File synchronization app. Strictly speaking, this isn’t an app, but a website. Since they have made their website look like an app, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Free for limited (but plenty for most users) file storage.

Hope this list is useful. I’ll update it as I find more…

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