Favorite Bible Apps

The Wikipedia.org article on Biblical Software has a list of apps available for multiple platforms.

This page lists a few of those I have found most usable.

iPhone/iPad Bible Software

  • Olive Tree – probably my favorite package; reasonable materials and flexible display
  • YouVersion – probably my second-favorite version. Easy to use and simple interface
  • Accordance – comprehensive package of available translations and other materials; pretty expensive, in my opinion, even for the basic package
  • Logos – another collection of comprehensive packages of translations and other materials; like Accordance, it is expensive for anything more than a starter package; best search tools available
  • PocketBible by Laridian – started off as a Windows only app; expanded to iPhone and soon expanding to Mac OS
  • PocketSword – as the name says, it is based on the Sword library
  • ESV (free) / ESV Study+ ($14.99) – although many apps make the ESV available, this is an app created by the originators of the ESV translation, Crossway. [See a brief blog post about it at BibleDesignBlog, one of my favorite blogs. As many translations are, the ESV is also available online for free at http://www.esvbible.org.]
  • BLB (Blue Letter Bible) – available for iPad and iPhone

Memorization Tools

General Study

  • Biblical Training Mobile – while technically not an app, this mobile-friendly website has a lot of study materials available

Language Study

  • QuickMem Greek by BlackStripes Publishing is based on Metzger’s Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek data to help you memorize the most frequently occurring words in the GNT. (Also available for Mac OS and Windows.)

Android Bible Software

Several of the above programs also support Android, but AndBible is Android-only – a very capable front-end to JSword


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