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OTNT Graphic Development slideshow

July 6th, 2011
  • otnt-rev8
  • otnt-rev7b
  • otnt-rev5
  • OTNT reference graphic: rev3
  • OTNT reference graphic: rev2
  • OTNT reference graphic: rev1

OT/NT Refs: Development log, entry #4

July 6th, 2011


  • Added book names/labels (reversed orientation and set justification=”right” when angle < 90 or > 270)
  • Added chapter ticks (first chapter + every 10th chapter)
  • Added think black border around book arc
  • Reduced thickness of link lines (from 2pt to 1pt)
  • Added buffer between link line ends and book arcs (“var innerBuffer = 5”)
  • Added allusion links and possible allusion links (both are dashed; wider dashes = possible allusion) [display of allusions and possible allusions are managed via a boolean variable for each setting]

To Do — cumulative

In priority order:

  • Add book labels
  • Fix intermediate point calculation
  • Add interactivity [to do what?]
  • Add columns for each chapter (why?)
  • Add the allusion links and possible [allusion] links
  • Set up correct Z-order (handled by order of function calls)

OT/NT Refs: Development log, entry #3

July 4th, 2011


  • Added all the direct quotation links
  • Fixed the link lines (now they point to the correct location (based on the chapter of the reference) on the arc, not the first point)
  • Added some color (a little different than in my first post, but same groupings) to the links;
  • Shrank the arc depth;
  • Expanded the size of the whole graphic.

To Do

Same as in in my first dev log entry plus:

  • Fix the intermediate point calculation for the arcs (see how they bunch up unnaturally and too often go on the wrong side of the center point when they should stay on the same side of the center point);
  • Add the allusion links (dashed? dotted?) and possible links (thinner line?)
  • Set up the correct Z-order for the links


Size: 66 books + 306 links/lines.

It takes about 3 seconds to load/draw on Safari and around 4 seconds on Firefox. It won’t run on Chrome (“XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:…. Cross origin requests are only supported for HTTP.”).