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Stacey, The Lightweight Content Management System

February 5th, 2012

Browsing around the web the other day, I found a clean, lightweight template system called Stacey []. The layout and look is very straightforward and uncluttered. Using a subset of HTML tags, the most interesting feature is that it does not rely on any database — it is completely text-based. It’s also opensourced at github []

I wonder if anyone has found this useful or flexible enough to recommend this system over the other template systems out there.

Stacey, The Lightweight Content Management System.

OT/NT Refs: Development log, entry #5

July 8th, 2011


  • Added layers (Quotations, Allusions, and Possible Allusions are all on separate layers, independently controllable (see below), as are the book arcs);
  • Added panning (click-and-drag to move);
  • Added keyboard event handler (to toggle visibility of layers (“q”/”a”/”p” for 3 link layers, “b” for book arcs, “c” to recenter view*, and “r” to reset view to initial state*);
  • Added zoom (“+” and “-” to zoom in and out, respectively)


In priority order:

  • Add book labels
  • Fix intermediate point calculation
  • Post code to Github
  • Add basic interactivity [zooming & panning]
  • Add advanced interactivity [to show links for a specific book (a la]
  • Add columns for each chapter (why?)
  • Add mouse scroll wheel zoom handler
  • Add the allusion links and possible [allusion] links
  • Set up correct Z-order (handled by order of function calls)

OTNT Graphic Development slideshow

July 6th, 2011
  • otnt-rev8
  • otnt-rev7b
  • otnt-rev5
  • OTNT reference graphic: rev3
  • OTNT reference graphic: rev2
  • OTNT reference graphic: rev1