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Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona: TRG/Flying Lizards finish 2nd in GT Category

January 31st, 2010

Podium finish (#2) for the Lizards at Daytona (Rolex 24; source:

Podium finish (#2) for the Lizards at Daytona (Rolex 24; source:

The Flying Lizards paired with TRG (see their announcement) in the 2010 Rolex 24 at Daytona. Their Porsche 911 GT3 came in 2nd at this year’s Rolex 24 hour race at Daytona. (See the Flying Lizards’ press release and the TRG press release.)

Glad to see the podium finish for the Lizards! I look forward to seeing them in their next race (Sebring on 3/20) and the rest of the 2010 schedule. Go Lizards!

Canon’s New Anti-Blur Lenses Will Be Available This Year | Gadget Lab |

July 25th, 2009

One of the problems I’ve seen and experienced taking photographs is unintended blur. Taking a picture of a moving car or a picture of a waterfall, for example, you’ll probably want to have some blur to show motion (otherwise, it doesn’t look like the car is moving at all — though reading the labels of a tire on a car going 140 mph is pretty nifty :). But usually blur isn’t a good thing. So, Canon will be releasing new anti-blur lenses later this year (according to Wired). Pretty neat, if it works. For details, check out Wired’s article. (Thanks to the Click for the link.)

What happened to #80?

June 16th, 2009

What happened at LeMans to the Flying Lizards #80? Around hour 15, the car crashed into the wall but details are scant — even the Lizards’ own website has precious few details. Anyone? Ferris?