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Focus Testing –

July 15th, 2009

Screenshot of web page

Is auto-focus a real problem? I’m not sure, but I have an XSi which seems to work pretty well. A friend has a D90 and some of the shots taken with his camera (on auto-focus) look blurry. Maybe it’s time to try the steps laid out in Photo.Net’s Focus Testing article. Or even try AutoFocuX???

World Wide Photo Walk: Maybe next year

July 15th, 2009

Screenshot of wwpw home page

I’m bummed — I won’t be able to make the WorldWidePhotoWalk this weekend in Annapolis –see 27,000 photographers to “walk” this weekend – Technology Live – for more info. Looks like a blast! I’ve passed this on to a friend, hoping he’ll get some good pictures of downtown and the Academy. Forecast looks pretty good (if you like heat 😉 too.

Jason Bell | Photographer

July 11th, 2009

Through an article on Smashing Magazine’s website, I found a link to Jason Bell’s website: I’m still a real beginner with photography and recognizing photographers’ names, but I really enjoy Jason’s work. Check out his website to see portraits and landscapes, all well done and very attractive. Although I’m not myself keen on portrait work, his is what I would like to emulate.