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Ideas Illustrated » Blog Archive » Visualizing English Word Origins

May 3rd, 2012

Ideas Illustrated » Blog Archive » Visualizing English Word Origins.

Looking at the origin of words and comparing fiction (British and American), medical writing, legal writing, and sports writing.

Good thing I have some history with Old English, or I might not understand anything… hahah… and no wonder I don’t understand Medical lit — it’s the least OE-based. A little surprised that Medical lit has more Old French than Legal — would have expected more OF, but maybe the Latin makes up the difference.

Interesting. And geeky, too.

Venn of Greek Rhetoric |

March 16th, 2012

Venn of Greek Rhetoric |

Venn of Greek Rhetoric |

Applying Sentiment Analysis to the Bible « Blog

October 19th, 2011

What happens when you look at the language in the Bible, try to determine who’s happy and who’s not, then graph it all out? has done just that and posted a nice, circular graphic showing the ebbs and flows of positive and negative vibes in the Bible. It’s a pretty vanilla linguistic analysis, and the circle is just for aesthetics (see the author’s comment to the post), but it’s still interesting. Accurate? That’s another question — one that I’m not so positive about…