How Google and Facebook are using R : Dataspora Blog

May 12th, 2009 by John Leave a reply »

I’m a little behind the times, but I just saw this posting of how Google and Facebook are using R, my favorite new tool: How Google and Facebook are using R : Dataspora Blog. From the CRAN network to the easy chart/graph construction, R makes data analysis dangerously easy. Maybe too easy??? I mean, all those formulae have to mean something, right? I just scratch the surface of R with my tinkering, but it is clearly a very potent tool for crunching lots of numbers. And who has more data to crunch than Google? I mean, with a database called “Big Table” who doubts that they’re the biggest brother on the block.

Anyway, I plan on using R more and more in the coming months. Maybe I’ll be able to hear more about how Google is using it, too.

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